It is a new generation lighting system that has begun to widespread recently and its popularity keeps increasing day by day. Although this system has a highly developed technology, it stands out as a very cost effective and cheap product. Extreme caution must be exercised before purchasing LED lighting equipment because of the poor quality of some of the products; they can break down in a very short time.

If you have been paying too much electricity bills recently, it is time for you to call your electrician and ask them to change your lighting system to LED.

How do LED lights work?

After answering the question “what is LED lighting” as new generation lighting we can proceed to question the product’s working method. Having this information will also help you realize the great advantage you will get. LED lighting systems consume too little energy compared to conventional bulbs that we have accepted as normal lighting. Low energy consumption can be a prevention of ever-increasing energy costs.

Low-energy consumption is not the only advantage of LED lighting systems. LED lightings are known to have long lives. A good LED lighting system has a working life of 50000 hours. Only a few of them would be enough to last a lifetime.

These products are great solutions to fire and high-voltage issues. LED bulbs only burn their chips without exploding when short circuits happen. This prevents the risk possible fire. From this point of view, the choice of LED lighting systems will be a very safe and wise choice because of the great contribution it provides to human life.

All LED lamps have a warranty of 1 year to 5 years. Stores are required to change the lamps under warranty during this period if they are out of order. In addition, under the consumer protection law, you can return the lamps to the store within 14 days of purchase, if you do not like them, provided that the packaging is undamaged.

LED features:

–    LEDs are semiconductors

–    LED structures are made of silicon

–    Led lighting products are manufactured to give light at different angles.

–    A series of current limiting resistors are connected to the LEDs to prevent failure due to high current.

LED lighting has many advantages when compared to other lighting elements. First of all, LEDs, which are long-lasting, draw attention with their high durability and low energy consumption. They offer variety in usage areas with different colour production options. Other LED lighting advantages are as follows:

They create more of a natural light. Dimness of the light can be adjusted with LEDs. They give high density, contrast and brightness. They do not contain dangerous gases. Touching is not prohibited as there is no danger of burning or electrocution. They are eye-catching, attracts attention with its design.

LED lighting prices vary according to usage areas, how many rows of LEDs are used, model, power, efficiency, light flow and colours. LED prices are shaped by the cost production company has put into it.

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