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Asbestos is a material used in construction (as insulation, in roofing, facing, insulation of the water supply systems, plastering works, insulation of the ventilation duct, and in the production of bricks and plasterboard). Such demand for asbestos is related to its strength, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

Can I remove my asbestos?

Asbestos should be removed only if it breaks or crumbles. In good condition, it can be insulated with a protective coating. However, this method is only temporary and removing asbestos after it becomes even more difficult. If you need your asbestos removed, you should contact a Sydney Asbestos Removal service to do it for you.

Is it harmful to handle asbestos?

Asbestos must be treated with caution because it can be extremely dangerous since it is proven to release into carcinogenic fibres into the air that can lead to cancer, especially to mesothelioma (a rare type of cancer that affects the lung tissue and abdominal cavity, which can lead to irregular breathing, accumulation of fluid in body parts, chest pain, hoarseness of voice, coughing with blood, weakness in muscles, paralysis, loss of sensation and profuse sweating of the face and hands).

If asbestos is present at your house, the first concern should be the well-being of the residents of the house. Second concern will be the removing process of it – it should definitely be removed. Once considered “the miracle” because of its strengths and affordable prices, asbestos is now considered dangerous and useless.

There are different ways of removing asbestos depending on the material because asbestos can be used in more than one material. However, there is one thing in common in all the different procedures and that is preventing the asbestos dust mixing with air. The best solution is having a few people with water hoses to “water the air”. Water hosing the area where the removal process is going on will moisturize the asbestos dust and make it fall thus preventing the people from inhaling it to some extent.

You can hire a professional service or conduct a removal yourself. It is recommended that you consult with a therapist before using a respirator since it increases the load on the heart and lungs.

Before you start removing asbestos, you need to moisten the area with water to prevent the dispersion of asbestos particles in the air. Removal of asbestos in dry form can poison the entire territory. If, for some reason, humidification is not possible, hire a professional asbestos removal service to remove asbestos. All floors and walls must be covered with plastic plates and sealed. Before you get rid of construction debris, seal it in cellophane bags and then seal it with an insulating tape.

The working territory ought to be set apart with notice signs, all furniture must be taken out, electrical apparatuses, including heating devices, must be detached from the power source. Lighting should be provided by a grounded outer power source and every single electrical line ought to be sealed.

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