Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is very important for your hair’s health. If you have a particular problem with dandruff or hair loss, you need to contact a trichologist and get some medications. When the problem is solved you can start using the products you want.

Hair is subjected to constant resting: weather, chemicals in styling products, stress, and other daily factors. These factors end up in dry and damaged hair. Therefore, you should be regularly using restoring shampoos and masks for damaged and dyed hair. They positively affect the hair, make it shiny and remove statics. If used long enough, professional restoring products will help even the worst damaged hair.

Wash your hair effectively. Get your hair wet, with a small amount of shampoo massage your hair and scalp thoroughly. If you have oily scalp skin or you apply a lot of styling products, then for maximum cleansing it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

If you have oily hair, everyday washing it will not solve this problem. Shampoo is an alkaline remedy, which with frequent use, over dry the scalp. As a result, the sebaceous glands try to help the skin as soon as possible to recover and produce more and more oil. Therefore, it is better to contact a competent hairdresser who will help you choose the right product for cleansing the scalp and hair.

When applying the shampoo on the hair, do not massage the scalp too vigorously – this stimulates the secretion of sebum, due to which the hair gets oily.

Sometimes hair is electrified, and the reasons for this may be several: temperature changes in winter, dry air in the room, synthetic materials, and improper selection of hair care products.

If you have dry hair, apply oil before shampooing, which will help preserve moisture and nutrients. Weekly use of a deep-action mask will return your hair lost moisture. Make sure you washed off all the remedy since the remnants of the product make the hair greasy.

Are your hair badly damaged and depleted? In this case, use the restructuring – special ampoules, which restore the structure of the hair. The composition of these ampoules includes the therapeutic formula of herbs, which penetrates deep into the structure of the hair and makes them well-groomed for a short period of time.

Woman washing her hair in shower

When having a mask, do not apply the product to the roots. Otherwise, your hair will suffer from weighing and rapid contamination. For an even distribution, comb the hair with a comb that has sparse teeth. Before rinsing, read the product’s package for instruction.

One of the unpopular ways of getting healthier hair is having sugar masks, you should read the detailed article we made on it.

Try to avoid using hairdryer, ironing or curling iron once or twice a week. This will give your hair an opportunity to recover naturally.

To check if your hair is healthy, it’s quite simple: take one hair and dip it into a glass of water. If it floats on the surface – your hair is healthy, if it drowns – need to be restored.

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