Providing constant comfort when wearing contact lenses is only possible when you use a solution for taking care of them. It will provide optimal conditions for storing the lens and retain all its original parameters. Because of this lenses do not feel like a foreign object in your eyes and they stay clean as much as possible. In case of daily lenses, a solution is not required because they are stored in sterile packages and disposed of after use.


Modern solutions are excellent chemical disinfectants while being safe for humans and facilitating the daily care of contact lenses.

Here are the main tasks of solutions:

  • preservation of all physical properties of the lens
  • retention of moisture in it
  • protection against pollution and foreign objects
  • cleaning the lens surface

There is a misconception that water is ok to use for storage, moistening or cleaning of lenses. This is not true. Long-term storage of contact lenses in water causes them to deform which leads to loss of its optical properties. In addition, water is not sterile. Therefore, bacteria can exist in it causing inflammation of the eyes and other complications. Saline, although sterile, cannot be an alternative to a special solution because of its short life.



This is the first solution that was invented for contact lenses. Today, it is almost in no use. The reason is that saline is only able to retain moisture in the lens, but does not clean or disinfect the lens properly.


This one has hydrogen peroxide in its composition and it is a very effective disinfectant. Due to this component, all kinds of possible contaminants are removed from the lens surface.

However, it is not suitable for long-term storage of lenses (more than 3 days), they cannot rinse the lens properly.


The most universal and widely used solution. Its composition is close to salt-water, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions.  Completely fulfils all the functions necessary for modern lenses: moistening, storage, cleaning and disinfection.

Enzyme cleaners:

This product is designed to remove protein deposits from the surface of the lens, most often in the form of tablets and is used for one-time cleaning of lenses scheduled replacement (1 every 7-10 days). They are compact and therefore very convenient to take with them on business trips, travel and other trips.

When choosing a solution, it is necessary to focus on:

  • the kind of contact lenses that you use

For example, for one-day lenses, a solution is not needed, but moisturizing drops will not be superfluous. For long-term lenses, solution is necessary to ensure maximum disinfection and cleaning.

  • recommendations of your ophthalmologist

The doctor can recommend a solution that will be more effective specifically in your situation and with your lenses.

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