Both house and land prices are only raising in Sydney and either buying a big land or a large house only gets harder.

If there is nowhere else to expand, only options remains is either up or down – in fact, that is how skyscrapers were made. Two level houses are not uncommon; it is usually a comfortable and beautiful setup.

Savings in the construction of such housing can be seen already at the design stage – the basement is much smaller than the one-storeyed construction of the same usable area. Consequently, less money will be spent on the first stages of construction and then the house, in general, will occupy less area of the available land. If you desire a flower garden, a small pool, a garage or a granny flat the saved area can be used.

The money saved from building a big house can be spent on the interior design of the house or improving kitchen, bathroom or entrance hall decorations.

If you do not have enough money to build a big house, but do not want to get into debt, you can build it in stages, as financial opportunities will allow.  You can always finish the first floor completely and even live in it as long as you want then start the second floor whenever you are ready.

Usually, in a two-storey house, the food is prepared at the ground floor where guests and relatives gather, and there are additional rooms to stay in in the second floor, although this is not the only option. If there is a beautiful landscape around the house that provides an excellent view from the balcony then you can have your guest room up there too.

Having the house split in two creates various options for you to design the house for your lifestyle.

It would seem that the staircase is an obvious drawback, potentially dangerous for kids and takes up lots of space. However, the staircase can also be a work of art, and under it will certainly fit a closet or a small storage room. The main thing is a strong railing and a generally reliable construction in order to minimize the risks for the youngest and oldest members of the family.

There are also additional costs that you will be facing such as the engineering of it in general and complex plumbing.

By having a wooden floor and ceiling on the second floor you can make some savings.

It is often believed that a double storey house is twice the cost of a single storey house. However, this is not exactly true. It only adds 10-30% more to the sum cost.

In cities like Sydney, a two-storey house is also an investment because of people with the same idea of choosing higher density over a bigger land and a house.

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