Tips and ideas for entrance hall decorations

They say the foundation of the house is the most important. While that is true in terms of the strength and durability of the house, your guests will not rate your house based on your foundation but based on its design. Whether it is a single storey house or double storey, your interior design matters a lot.

In this article, I will try to present you stylish and interesting ideas for your home entrance halls. This is also referred to as the entrée decoration, an important part of the general look of our houses.

We see that there are many models and different styles for entrée decoration ideas. In order to determine what is right for you from these styles, you first need to get to know the specifications of your entrance hall. The first step is to correctly measure your entrée dimensions. In practice, you can also choose an interior decor with different features for the entrance section and different features for the follow-on sections.

One of the basic applications of entrée decorating ideas is the choice of colour for your walls in narrow spaces. You should definitely choose light colours in these areas. Using white colours and shades that provide a spacious display of narrow spaces also offers opportunities for decorative wealth.

Among entrance hall ideas, home decorating applications are very important. The positive impressions of the guests when they enter your house directly affect the decorative impression of other parts of the house. Use of hangers or vestries should be in a way that they do not narrow the entrance of the house very much.

If your home entrance allows you to put on vestries, you should ensure that the vestries are designed in the most efficient way. Thanks to the idea of vestries inside cabinets it is now possible to disguise the unwanted mess in your entrance halls. If your cabinet has a sliding door then you have even more options such as installing a mirror on the door to make your narrow hall look more spacious. Also, a mirror is always useful.

If you have made a home decoration design with a minimalist line in other parts of your house, it is absolutely necessary for you to apply this thought to the entrée decoration. For this, you will need to use an uncluttered entrance hall with walls that are dominated by white colours and tones. If you do not want to use light colours, you have to make sure the furniture and accessories used in your hall are in increasingly minimalist style. The main rule is that there should not be accessories that are useless and disturbing in this particular area, where functional and stylish accessories must be preferred. Minimizing the use of accessories will also increase the value and effectiveness of them.



I must state that the walls have an important place in the interior decoration. The paintings and wall accessories used on the walls will provide you with very effective results if they are correctly placed and have a meaning. Or, alternatively, gorgeous wallpaper would be the right choice. In some entree applications, we see that the walls are designed with the impression that they are performing in an art exhibition. There are also people who think that these ideas will make the corridor boring opposed to the people who love this method. Acting in accordance with the hall characteristics of your home will be the right approach in this regard.

It is necessary to mention lighting among interior decorating ideas. Entrances are usually places that do not receive natural light. For this reason, it is necessary to provide lighting day and night. The correct selection of the lighting pattern has a great prospect in terms of reflecting the quality of the entrée decoration. If you do not have the correct lighting you will not be able to reflect the true beauty of your design.

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